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Good Dog Training School

Dog Training in Corby, Northamptonshire

Puppy Classes

Not your usual frog marching around a village hall! Following a 6 week course you and your puppy can learn about the skills your pup will need as he or she grows up.

Each session will last around 45 minutes and at the end of the course you will get a certificate. The course contents include

  • I know my name
  • I enjoy being handled
  • I am social
  • I can play nicely with my family
  • I'm not scared
  • I know tricks - sit, down, roll over, give a paw etc
  • I can greet politely
  • I can touch a target
  • I can amuse myself

Please make sure your puppy is wearing a suitable harness or flat collar, with a standard leash no choke chains or extending leads allowed. Bring plenty of treats and your puppy's favourite toy. The course costs just £50

The course runs on a Tuesday at 6.45pm