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Good Dog Training School

Dog Training in Corby, Northamptonshire

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old does my dog have to be to come to your classes?

A. Your pup or new dog can come to classes as soon as your vet is happy for them to be out and about. The youngest dog we have had was 11 weeks old. The oldest a stunning 15 years old.


Q. Which class would be most suitable?

A. This depends on the age and temperament of your dog and any previous learning.

Puppy Classes are generally for pups up to 20 weeks, but an older pup or shy dog may benefit from coming along. Companion Dog classes are suitable for dogs that have no or very little training and the other classes are best for dogs who have basic skills

Q. What happens in the class?

A. Again this depends on which class you attend. Puppy lifeskills class is getting your pup out and about and used to the world, being handled, meeting other dogs, playing, and follow the treat training.

Companion dog life skills is a 6 week course designed to help you and your dog live together in harmony.

Companion dog plus is at the request of owners and we can do whatever you want. Including working towards Silver and Gold rewards


Q. How much are your classes?

    A. This depends on the course or class you are looking at.

The six weekd courses are £50 each level

Companion Plus is £5 per session

The courses come with handouts plus an achievement certificate (Puppy Lifeskills or Bronze Award) Your puppy under 12 months old can also get the Kennel Club Puppy Award

Q. How many dogs are in the class?

A. Classes are generally limited to 6 - 8 dogs, apart from the Compani0on Dog Plus class, this can change from week to week.


Q. What are the social walks?

     A. Taking place on open land around the area, the social walks enable the dogs from Cloverleaf and GDTS to have some off lead play while their owners get to know each other.


Q. My dog doesn't like/is aggressive/is frightened of other dogs/people etc can he come to your classes?

     A. One to one sessions are provided for behaviour problems. For the sake of your dog and the others in the class we don't allow dogs who will find the environment challenging. Contact our Head Trainer Olwen Turns for more information.

Q. How do I know your classes are well run?

     A. Olwen Turns our Head Trainer is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist registered with INTOdogs also a Member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme working towards the accreditation and a qualified behaviourist , This means that she has to undergo exams and tests as well as attend continual professional development courses. She is also a PTTLS qualified Adult Education Teacher.

We allow people to pop along to a training session to see if it's for them.


Q. Do I have to enrol on a training course or can I just turn up?

    A. Download and complete a registration form. Our courses fill up quickly it is a good idea to pre book to make sure you have a space.

Occasionally we can take in last minute registrations depending on the size of the class.